The Godfathers of Blow Rock • urban sound • well matured • a progressive mix of psychedelic playfulness and dirty impulsive beats • this band consists of authentic talents each contributing its very own special character • slight american and australian notes in the blues blend • macho panache lyrics of drunken obsessions intermingled with soul and the drama of life

Donkey Pilots (2017)
Yann Johann Gunderson, Hector Pascal, Floyd Apple, Tyler Bourbon

Hector Pascal (vocals & rhythm guitar)
Hector Pascal, singer and guitarist was supposedly born in Mongolia, where he (by his own account) made contact with the underground Ulan Bator music scene. Later his parents went to Germany where he grew up creativly inventing his very own mother tongue called “Dansch”. A mixture of incomprehensible mumbling and German.

A proud sibling of an air-pump dynasty his doings are mostly affected by his wish to be rightously aristocratic. At least to be as stylish and decadent as his truly blue blooded band colleague van Bexx. Green with envy he now writes songs with titles like “1st class depression”.

From the beginning he liked to gain expierence on the stages of the world – several of them.

His widespread musical influences interestingly point at different Bands in his career such as „The Original Reverend Jones“ (Mongolic desert rock) in which he already played alongside Morgan S. Tender or the Mongo Santamaria influenced Funk/Rock/Jazz Combo “Jack Ill & The Bad Entertainers”… where he, you guessed it, played out the role of the Bad Entertainer quite satisfactorily.

Tyler Bourbon (lead guitar & backing vocals)
Tyler Bourbon is the stepbrother of Tyler Durden and musical blues brother of many kinds – that is at least the way he sees it. Born in Lynchburg, TN, USA he moved at the age of five with his family to Clermont, KY.
Aged for a few more years – which added a little more maturity and complexity to his character – he recognized all that leisurely Country & Western music around him. To his utterly distaste.

It made him sad because he had the feeling to achieve something better in life than this wimps.

Later, Tyler was on his way to East Asia to find salvation in the Mongolian Tundra, he had a stopover at Frankfurt/Germany. There he missed his connecting flight because of the astounding supply of Bourbon Whiskeys at the duty free shop. Primed that way he noticed the very colorful countryside of this beautyful land.

Quicken with the view and the fact that he could raise no money to get out of there (a petition to the Royal Court of Bourbon in France failed to succeed) – he settled down in Germany. He amused himself in various musical formations, played Blues, Soul and Funk but all too short-lived.

By chance he met the “godfather of air-pumps” Hector Pascal in his shop because he was in need of a new air-pump. They got together with Morgan S. Tender to lay down the foundations of something they would call “Blow Rock”.

Glen Friedrich (bass)
Glen is one of the latest addition to an already great line-up… a great pal and good-natured guy as well as a knowledgable Whisky-expert.

Yann Johann Gunderson (drums)
Infos soon…

Former Members
Floyd Apple (bass)

Floyd Apple was the bassist of the Donkey Pilots from 2014-2018.
Mr. Reece (drums)
Mr. Reece was drummer of the Donkey Pilots from 2012-2015.
Buzz T (bass)
Buzz T was the bassist of the Donkey Pilots from 2012-2014.
Alecks van Bexx (bass)
Alecks was the bassist of the Donkey Pilots from 2009-2012. He is now playing bass in the german gothic/industrial band Unzucht.
Morgan S. Tender (drums)
Morgan Steve Tender was drummer of the Donkey Pilots from 2009-2011.